Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snacking on knives...

Chris' Grandma has a saying she regularly uses - whenever one of us makes some extremely witty quip she says "You must've been eating knives today" (ie. because we - or our "wit" to be more exact - is so sharp - ha!)

Here are some and memorable quips of late:

I was outside weeding the brick path around the garden and Chris came out to tell me it was time to get ready and go over to Mum and Dad's for dinner (he and Monk were going to the movies c/o a Hoyts gift card from Simon and not coming with us). I acknowledged him and said I would be in in a minute. Then he came out re-relayed the message to me, with the same response from me. The next time he came out to re-re-relay the message to me he added:
Fuzz: Is this how the boys muck around in the morning...? Is this the example they follow...?
Me: NO. The boys don't actually do anything productive.

Me = weeding. Weeding= Work. Work = Productive.






I told Chris that some heat pump company rang during the day - the conversation went something like this:
Salesperson: Hi, I'm ringing from blah blah heat pump company (I REALLY don't remember the name of the company). We have some heat pump cleaners in your area and were wondering if you'd like your heat pump cleaned?
Me: We don't have a heat pump.
Salesperson: Would you like a heat pump?
Me: No, not at this time thank you.

Chris said - my answer should have been - Why? Are you giving them away for FREE....???


Donna said...

I have a brick path just like that I have to weed as well. Only I wish I was living in New Zealand weeding-- that would be very cool.

Love that knife quote. I'll have to remember that one.

Ana said...

Huzzah! A comment! In ENGLISH no less!

Donna - how do you prevent your bricks from getting all slippery from the mud once your weeds are pulled? I thought we could put sand all over the path but it would probably be quite the costly endeavour.