Saturday, May 29, 2010

World's next leading Telemarketer deterrent?

I've been mulling over the amusing conversation I had with the telemarketer the other day and the ridiculousness of the fact that they rang us not even knowing that we had already signed with them. DUH.
And then also, the surprise of the telemarketer, at the revelation that YES we were already customers of theirs.

And I've come to a decision - this response was SO good at producing a satisfyingly dumbfounding effect on the telemarketer that I think I will use it again. Whether we're signed with them or not.

imagined future conversation with telemarketer
telemarketer: Hi this is blahblah from blahblah company and we were in the area and wondering if you were interested in a blah for your home?
Me: We've already got one thanks.
telemarketer: Oh. You do?
Me: Yes
telemarketer: Oh. really?
Me: Yes....well no, I'm lying but we don't want one anyway. THANKS!!!

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