Thursday, May 27, 2010

This woman is CRAZY

These were my exact immediate thoughts as I read a "Dear Neighbor" letter from a woman sharing her concern (read: whiny complaints) about noise pollution from the nearby motorway - namely some development on the motorway that the City Council has planned.

A little background about the area where we live:
1. We are right near a MAIN road.
2. Over the main road is the MOTORWAY overbridge.
3. Next to the motorway overbridge are not one but TWO RAIL overbridges - you know, that TRAINS frequently travel back and forth on.
4. Behind all these overbridges AND the main road is a street (practically across the road) that houses CARISBROOK aka The BROOK - Dunedin's current main venue/stadium for all National and International Sporting events, Concerts and so forth.

(here I should also mention that the woman in question resides on the aforementioned MAIN road).

Does this woman even LIVE at her house?!
(said with a tone to mirror Guy's "Do you guys even READ the script?!?" from Galaxy Quest)

As I see it, this woman has two options:
1. Get over it.
2. MOVE!!

Clearly INSANE.

PS - Not to mention this woman spelt Neighbour without a u (hence the italics above).
- Does this woman even LIVE in this country?!? (said like Guy, ....AGAIN)


Melisa Summy said...

You are so funny! I'm in love with your blog and will be following it :)

Ana said...

Thanks! I've added yours to Reader cos I couldn't find a follower button :)

Saimi said...

Yeah, some people just like to complain. The thing is, the trains, main road and motor overpasses aren't going anywhere, so it's just like you stated, she either needs to move or get over it!

Although, when your a complainer, it doesn't matter where you live, you will never be satisfied.

Stopping by from MMB, by the way, I'm a mother of three boys too! :)

Ana said...