Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday snippet....

...Home today from church with sickly Jonty - it seems his amusing and oft times completely irrelevant responses are not just limited to Primary.

Mummy: Hey Jonty, why don't we read a scripture or two and then play a game of mini monopoly?
Jonty: OHHHHH!!!!( It is imminently difficult to accurately convey with mere words Jonty's Melodramatic Soap Operatic Level enthusiastic responses) Mummy! OHHH!! That would be a GREAT idea!
Mummy: Okay go and get my scriptures please.
Jonty: OKAY!!!!!
Mummy: How about we read one of your favourite stories or scriptures?
Mummy: Okay then. What's your favourite? Which story or scripture do you want to read?
Jonty: Chapter 11.
Mummy: There are a lot of Chapter 11s.......Which is your favourite?
Jonty: (intently scanning and searching each page with his finger, then finally....) THIS one.
Mummy: Uhhhh....THAT..... is the INDEX.

Equally classic is Michael's spontaeneous reaction when I reported this snippet of conversation to


Angela Noelle said...

Once again, I find you HIGHLY entertaining to read. I know, I know, if you told me this in person, I probably wouldn't have laughed...I would have said, 'Funny'. Think of this as the equivalent...only better, because I find you funnier in type!

AmiZOOKey said...

Oh good. I was slightly worried that it was too long and I should have edited it :D