Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun with knives....

Years ago I worked as a Merchandiser doing direct sales - we went into businesses and sold to employees working there - anything and everything. This particular time I was selling knife sets and I had gone into a computer store - the salesman that I was selling to bent down to check out my "REALLY NICE shoes" (just like it was a Tui ad...), he then interrupted my sales spiel to ask if I had a boyfriend so I came right back with - "I dunno, are you gonna buy some knives?"
He wrote me out a cheque right away.

Creepy slimeball.
To this day I'm so surprised it didn't bounce!

(This is in response to a fellow Etsyian's hilarious blog about being propositioned at a market by a mud covered man who asked her on a date to collect bottles with him)

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