Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm holding you WHOLLY responsible!!

Dear Pams Brand/Foodstuffs,

Last night I was late finishing dinner. I was occupied by the mess left by YOUR brand 4L milk carton (that I had only just bought the day before) had made all over the inside of my fridge! Why should that cause me such delay?
1. I had to find my camera.
2. I had to take pictures (for PROOF!) of the mess YOUR defectively sealed milk had made inside MY fridge.
3. I had to clean the carton.
4.I had to clean the copius puddles of milk inside my fridge.
5. I had to clean other items soiled by the milk.
6. I had to walk and scan my formerly gleaming kitchen floor in a grid-search-like pattern blotting at spots of milk from the carton which STILL leaked when placed upright!!!

Your fault, YOUR fault, YOUR FAULT!!!

See that you seal cartons PROPERLY! GRRRRRRRRR!!

Disgruntled Me

PS - I hope your improperly sealed carton didn't result in spoiling the milk, which we have all consumed now, and that we don't all die a horrible torturesome death from food poisoning - if we do however I foresee you being in considerable trouble : )


Angela Noelle said...

You better have emailed them. Email them. Email them. Doooo iiiiiiiiiiit.

AmiZOOKey said...

I I'm kinda meh about it all. I was riled at the time though - I tell ya!
I think it was finding the black bit of plastic in my slice of bread yesterday - I'm thinking to myself - maaaaaaan HOW MANY people do I have to gripe to??? I JUST want a sandwich!!I can pick that plastic out. I can do that.