Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Devil you know....

Random facts about ME!!
1. I'm a fussy parker - I want, no, NEED an even amount of space on either side of the car in addition to parking between the two white lines or parking space outline - and I will reverse and correct till it's PERFECT damn it!
2. I won't park next to someone who has parked badly - that is someone who has parked too near, on OR over the line separating our parking spaces ORRR someone parked opposite my park who has the entire front end of their car parked where mine should be - it's as much for the actual difficulty in parking next to someone who parks like this, as for the "fear" that others will view my parking skills scathingly since I neccessarily need to park just as badly to park next to them.
3. I analyse things.
4. I am cynical.
5. I am sarcastic.
6. I have been told that I look like Sade - SNORRRRRT! (this TRULY deserves a snort-ish laugh)
7. I yell at my kids in Japanese when I'm mad.
8. I yell in Japanese when I'm mad just in general.
9. Sometimes I yell at the kids in Samoan - very rarely - I'm trying other languages to see which is the most effective as English doesn't seem to cut it.
10. I am fussy in other things - I will undo an entire crochet creation to correct a missed stitch. FUSSY!
11. I know that sarcasm is totally lost on kids and revel in using it anyway. Frequently.
12. I am probably going to hell for my cynical and ridiculing frequent use of sarcasm.
13. I am allergic to a bunch of things, most of which I don't know about.
14. I like doing things for myself and learning to do those things I can't do yet so that I can!
15. Technically my name is from a Greek preposition.
16. I am a freakish Grammar geek and incorrect syntax causes me to physically and visibly cringe.
17. I am pedantic and will delete my own comments even and repost them corrected because of incorrect Grammar and/or spelling errors!


Angela Noelle said...

I am with you on 2! (Among others) But 2 especially! ALSO...I won't park next to any cars that have dings. I figure there's a good chance they were responsible for those dents...so I don't want to be near them. I also avoid cars with many car seats...as I've watched kids swing open doors that hit cars. I am most confident next to a leather-seated "retirement vehicle" parked equidistant from its park lines.

AmiZOOKey said...

I'm glad :)