Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reminiscing on Dear Friends

I happened to overhear part of a conversation tonight between Fuzz and Monk - I'm not sure how the conversation got round to them but I heard them talking about some dear friends of ours who lived in Dunedin for about a year and have probably been back home in Provo for about as long. Anyway next I hear Monk let out this big sigh and say:
"Ohhhh, I miss Sherry annnnnd........"
pause that develops into lengthy pause.
pause is now SO lengthy that it is BEYOND redemption.

Sorry Eric.
Jonts would've known.

This was followed by poor Monk being mercilessly teased by his parents (namely Fuzz and I) for forgetting Eric's name.
"Ohhhhhh I really miss Sherry and uh....whats-his-name.....!"
(this is our faultless Monk impression - good, no?)

Poor Monk. Not a chance.

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