Thursday, April 1, 2010

An eye for an eye....? OR....Communal living....?

This morning the Monkster accidentally kicked his rugby ball over the fence into the neighbour's property. Yes, those neighbours. Living in the "condemned" house. At first my moral compass kicked right in and I just told him tough - either ask for it back or suck it up. But then ...... I had a wee think to myself. I thought of ALL the times those people have come through and onto our property. Whenever they like to. Whether we are here or not. And I found myself thinking - Why shouldn't he just hop the fence and get it back himself?! - After all, when in as...RIGHT?! So I walk on outside and tell him to just hop the fence and go get it back himself. He was a bit anxious - they currently have THREE rather than their usual two annoying, yappy, constantly barking dogs. Also he tried to keep his brother and I quiet - worried that the neighbours would come out and discover what was going on.

Good old Mummy - I reassured him, saying, "Don't worry. If they give you a hard time just say - you come over to our place ALL THE TIME. I thought it was reciprocal."

(I also had a moment of genius this morning where I thought of the idea to suggest to the neighbours that we should just scrap this whole idea of new/mending fences and get rid of the fences all together! What with them passing through constantly, disposing of their rubbish/junk and coming over and moving stuff - practically a commune already - right?! This would be done in the hopes that the mere suggestion of such an idea would fill them with inexpressible horror - as the mere thought does for me!)

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