Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just sayin'

1. You see "shortcut", I see drive-way, my drive-way - which incidentally I, myself that is, as well as other family and friends drive up and down on. Frequently. With our vehicles.

2. Just because there are No Parking signs on every other lamp post doesn't mean that you can park in between!

3. Attn: Turning traffic - you do not have right of way - give way to straight going traffic! Attn: Straight-going traffic - you have right of way! Don't give way to turning traffic!! Blare your horn at them (both hands if you like) , and bowl on through!

4. Just because as the produce department of a Supermarket you make a "special" effort to provide "exotic" fruit and vege for foreign locals don't think that you're doing them a favour catering to them and their tastes! It's not a favour if the produce you're providing is rotten, mouldering, old, dry and generally nasty rubbish - you're just buying rubbish and then trying to re-sell said rubbish - at a profit!

Just sayin'......

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