Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh wondrous Milo!!! (the drink people, the DRINK)

I was just sitting, thinking to myself today and the thought entered my mind..."I wonder if I could survive solely on Milo"...which reminded me of a Milo advert that came on the tv the other night...It was one of those celebratory Anniversary type adverts where the company raves about their glorious product and how it is made with all the bestest of the best ingredients and how it's wholesome goodness (complete with MSG, additives, preservatives and added colouring) have been looking after YOUR kids for a gazillion years - funny that, I thought I had something to do with the rearing of my children...anyway - one of those adverts - you know the ones. I sat there and I remember the deep resonating radio-type voice booming out from the television something along the lines of "Milo, made from the full wholesome goodness of Malt, has been providing health and energy for your children now for blah blah blah years"
Not missing a beat, I responded aloud, "And that is just the VERY reason why I have Milo, myself. EXACTLY that."

Somewhere in the background Chris snorted.

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