Monday, June 8, 2009

Who's that..?!

Scene: Night, outside our house, Mum and Dad are getting in their car after FHE.
Girl walks up our drive way in front of their car at the bottom of the drive.
Me: (forcedly and with fiercely pursed lips) HELLO!
Girl: (as if just now realising that other people are present) Oh hello... (continues walking)
Dad: Who is THAT?!!
Me: (Loudly in the hopes that the girl, who doesn't seem to realise that taking a short cut through strangers' yards is ODD and RUDE, will hear) Oh, just some RANDOM STRANGER using OUR property as a thoroughfare.

I should start charging a fee. Either that or tear down the current property separating fence and install a new one complete with prison style flood lights, sirens and weight triggered spikes...


bubby69 said...

Have you opened a hornets nest now???

AmiZOOKey said...

Fuzz doesn't seem to see anything wrong with people shortcutting through our property like it's some public alleyway. PLEASE somebody tell me they agree with ME!! Is it just not ALL factors of ICK?!