Thursday, June 4, 2009


So yesterday I'm at the dental school for appointment...obviously...and I'm lying there in the chair while this senior dental student is injecting my gums full of "sleepy juice" - apparently this is what they tell school children it is called - and you know it does actually sound much better....
    Anyway so I'm lying there half my face slowly going numb and (it's actually quite amazing just HOW uncomfortable being jabbed with a needle can still be even when completely numb...) and I get to thinking...I don't like having the dentist put needles in my mouth or rather I don't think I would like it if ANYBODY were to put needles in my mouth regardless of who they were. As the dentist injects my gum(s) my mind begins to fill with wild thoughts of paranoia - ahhhh! There is a needle in my mouth! AaaahhhHHHHHhhhh! What if in a sudden fit of lunacy she misses and jabs right through my cheek! AaahHHHhhhhh! Needles! Ahhh! SCARY!!! ...I also keep catching myself tensing - we're talking whole body tensing - and then trying, rather unsuccessfully, to reassure myself - it's ok, does this all the time, know's what she's doing- RELAX! - and then attempting to relax, then tensing...SO whilst I was in the midst of this jumbled and paranoid train of thought it suddenly dawned on me how ironic and ridiculous it was. I mean really - needle - not much potential damage can be caused with a needle really compared with a DRILL and yet - TOTALLY fine with drills in the mouth. Why is that? - I found myself thinking. HOW ridiculous is that?! 

CrAZY logic I tell ya!

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