Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Will of STEEL

Sunday night over a game of Zaras I pointed out to Chris that we had managed so far to polish off 20. Yes TWENTY Afghans between the two of us. I then suggested that perhaps we should not have anymore. And then I said, "Just three more each...." and promptly loaded up the plate.


Both of us.


Kelley said...

What are Afghans?? I'm so clueless...

Ana said...

Chocolate eggless bikkies/cookies with cornflakes in them (although I use crushed Weetbix), with chocolate icing (frosting) and traditionally a walnut on top - I'm all for walnuts but who ever has a stash of them lying about for such occasions (ie. Afghan hankerings)??? So I usually forego the walnuts.

Don't feel so bad Kelley! I think Afghans are a NZ thing - and I have no idea why they're called Afghans.