Monday, January 2, 2012

Attention "Friends"

Attention "Friends" who give my children chewing/bubblegum,

Please note " " as if you insist on giving my children chewing/bubblegum you are NOT my friend. If you give my children chewing/bubblegum again despite my specific requests that you NOT I will find out. I will come to your house and I will re-deposit all your gifted chewing/bubblegum as my children would around your house....on your furniture, in your carpet, dropped in your wood basket, on your floor, stuck to the inside of cups the residue of which never to be removed......

You have been warned.

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Fionna said...

I used to chew gum a lot ( a North American habit) until I gave a talk at church one day and noticed how ridiculous everybody looked (like cows chewing cud). I had to ban the kids from chewing it. I found it in the dryer (and on all the clothes in the dryer), in my daughter's hair one morning (that was fun), and in various other places. Gum and kids do not mix and any adult wanting to offer a child gum should check with the parents first.