Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas-y Highlights and Random Thoughts

Wombat hiding in the Christmas tree box and us pretending we can't see/find him.

Wombat's seal of approval (manic dancing) of a youtube selection of Boney M Christmas songs.

How cool would it be to have a Boney M Christmas album.

Chris informs me that our new Christmas tree has 872 tips (branches to be fluffed out) - correction 871 (one broke) - and that consequently the tree will have to stay out ALL. YEAR. ROUND.

Monk inquires whether we will be decorating tonight after we have put the tree up.
Chris further comments that he thinks it will take us FOUR days to put the new Christmas tree up - THREE of those will just be for putting the actual tree up : P

Before I even see the tree Monk comes and tells me (as I weed the garden's brick path) that the new tree is 6ft - that they could've got the 7ft tree but they got the 6ft tree.
Never one to miss out on an opportunity - as soon as we enter the lounge and I see the tree in its box - clearly barely taller than our tallest child - I immediately exclaim in mock outrage:
"Why, that tree's NOT 6ft!! It's barely even taller than YOU!"
My clever wit - clearly too clever for our children - completely lost on the children who insist that the tree is 6ft - pointing out to me on the box exactly where it says 6ft! My moment of comic brilliance lost.

Wish I hadn't neglected to recharge the camera batteries so I could have photographed Chris' frustration and annoyance at fluffing out 872/1 fake Christmas tree branches.

Bear decided he would impersonate a parrot with the broken Christmas tree branch. VERY convincing.

Feliz Navidad everyone!!

PS - I think Chris should be grateful they got the 6fter

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