Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The big PC and the Santa Dilemma (not what you'd expect)

Well, ......this is going to be quite the different blog from what it was going to be. What was it going to be?
Well, ...my friend recently posted on her blog about what I shall refer to as the Santa Dilemma. This whole idea that "lying" to our children about Santa - a fictional character, invented by Coca Cola for Commercial and Capitalistic gain, and "based" on a fairytale and lore embellished Saint Nick - will have such a drastic effect on their lives that it will cause them to lose all faith in us and consequently, potentially lose faith in their faith.
This was going to be a post all about how I considered this had all come about thanks to the large all-encompassing shadow of PC - namely Political Correctness - it's got everyone, particularly parents, running scared. It was going to mention how perfectly sound moral stories like Red Riding Hood have been irreparably and heinously ruined by the effects of PC - as in the instance where I saw a version that belonged to my niece, several years ago now, wherein Red and her Granny were rescued from the Wolf by the Woodsman (that much is the same at least) but instead of the Woodsman logically and realistically chasing off or killing the Wolf for their own safety - he is instead let go, albeit after a HARSH reprimand by the Woodsman. SERIOUSLY??
Well, it was going to be about that.
It was also going to be about such unbelievable things as iconic childrens' characters altered beyond belief such as Cookie Monster now eating fruits and veges and cookies only being a "sometimes" food. He is a COOKIE MONSTER. For goodness sake!
Also apparently The Count (also from Sesame St) no longer laughs after he counts - apparently it was too scary for some children so they cut that out. REALLLLLY??

Well, it was going to be about all of that. It was. And how I believed that Santa had just become really another victim of PC Paranoia. It was at least until I saw this picture - Bear and his class and the rest of the Junior School had a whole fun day out today as part of the 4th to last day of school. As part of this they went to Cadbury World and Bear had THIS picture taken with Santa. DODGY Santa I call him. Don't you think?

Bear and Dodgy Santa - look at that Dodgy look on his face!

Here are my comments as Fuzz perused the picture:
Me: That Santa looks DODGY!! DODGY Santa! What is that up with that DODGY Santa sitting next to OUR Bear with his hand near his BOTTOM! Look at that DODGY look on his face!! And is that a BED they're sitting on?!?!!!
Fuzz shakes with silent laughter as he peruses and I continue to comment.
Me: Do they do a CHECK on these Santas before they let them sit there ALL DAY and have pictures with LITTLE kids sitting on their knee?? I mean LOOK at him! DODGY Santa!

Seriously disturbing - NO child should have a Christmas where THIS Santa is included. If EVER there were a reason NOT to include Santa in Christmas this picture would be the CAMPAIGN POSTER!


Fionna said...

The whole PC movement is completely ridiculous. A friend of mine once asked me to paint the words "Welcome to the Funny Farm" on a red barn ornament for her son's teacher and then returned it to me and asked me to paint it out because her husband thought it might be offensive to any parent in the class that might have a relative with a mental illness.

That Santa is a bit dodgy but you should see the picture of Ian as a kid with a really scary looking Santa. The Santa's at Macy's in New York are phenomenal. I almost believed he was the real thing.

Ana said...

"Real" looking Santas are COOL.

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I don't think PCness has anything to do with my thought process...I never implied my child would lose all faith in me, but I do believe how Santa is handled can be wonderful, mediocre, or forgettable. I'd rather it be wonderful and memorable.

Ana said...

Yes indeed - I'm all for wonderful and memorable - actually my mother had a brilliant response for me once in answer to my query about where she found Santa's letter to me - I shall have to post about this! It was grand and quick thinking on her part! Not to mention memorable.