Sunday, September 20, 2009

A bit of Monday morning fun.....

I saw this Alchemy request and couldn't help myself (tee hee) - stay tuned for my "bid" in response after the RIDICULOUS request.

Lot of Crochet Flowers Big and Little for my Knitted Baby Hats
posted 9/20/2009 , expires 10/11/2009

I am looking for someone to make me some big and little crocheted flowers. I will use them on my baby hats. I have another store on here that have all of my hats listed. This will be something I'd be repeatedly coming back for more.
I bet you will.* I'd be able to advertise your store in each listing and in my store this store sells you stuff for NOTHING!* I get a lot of photographers looking for something different. So, I'd be happy to send them your way. They love to buy crocheted flowers to just have in case they find something to put them on. No wonder at the price you're asking!*

Thank you!

*Italics - my witty little side commentary

My bid in response to this:

How much will it cost to make this: $12.00
Estimated shipping cost: $595.00

Describe exactly what you will make:
They would all have to be the same colour for it to be cost effective for me. And made from the same wool. How would you ship the item: By NZ International Airmail. Terms of payment: I require AT LEAST a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront before beginning any work, including postage and packaging. I accept only PayPal and credit card via PayPal. Submitted with glee!

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AmiZOOKey said...

This is what happens when you randomly attempt to cut and paste. Argghhh.