Thursday, January 15, 2009

Standing ovation!

The most hilarious thing happened tonight. I had just discovered that the two older boys were playing with the cord from the heater and its plug and that Jonty had actually plugged the heater in (it was 32 degrees CELSIUS here today according to the TV1 News for those not in the know - so heat is NOT something we particularly want more of at this time...) So...back to the story...I had just discovered the older children playing with the heater cord which resulted in a rather loud and imposing " NO means NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" rant from me during which Michael noticeably hid behind the lounge door and Jonty hid behind some other piece furniture. When I had finished and all was quiet, I looked around to see Joseph standing in the middle of the room who - almost as if on cue - seemed to perceive I had finished and began to applaud me. 

"Huzzah! A man of quality!"
(one of our fav. quotes from Flushed Away - seemed appropriate here)

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Alicia K said...

Oh now that is cute. I think if that was me, i would have laughed and then all my lecture would have been pointless.