Monday, August 12, 2013

Positive Body Image BACKFIRE

So I've just recently discovered that Wombat appears to mistakenly believe that Skinny jeans make you skinny - I came to this realisation just last week when he wasn't able to wear either of his two pairs of jeans and he became rather distraught about wearing track pants, even exclaiming to me - "Mummy! I don't want to wear track pants - they will make me look fat!"

(when I recounted this to my friend Amee she replied - "OH MY GOSH! He's a 16 yr old GIRL!!!")

Then,....on Friday night after soccer practise myself and all three boys were at the Supermarket and Wombat who was wearing his uniform short shorts was sitting in the shopping trolley. Looking down he saw that his thighs were consequently squished/spread and he cried out with much angst -
Wombat: Mummy!!! Look how fat my legs are!!
(Hmmmmm, positive body image enforcing I thought - here goes!)
Me: Your legs are NOT Fat Wombat! Your legs are MUSCULAR.
Wombat: Mummy - what does muscular mean?
Me: Your legs are full of muscles! Big and STRONG! Your legs are NOT Fat - they are MUSCULAR!
Wombat paused and thought for a second and then exclaimed with some excitement - Oh Mummy! Your legs are VERY muscular because they are HUGE!!!!
Me: Yep.

Out of the mouths of babes.

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