Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soft Brown Sugar - smelly?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but for sometime now Soft Brown Sugar in stores has been different - it reeks of Molasses and Soft Brown Sugar just doesn't usually smell like that I'm sorry! One packet I bought was even a disconcerting bright orange colour! I had even stopped buying it because of this change which is a pretty big deal for me as I like to be stocked up on my baking supplies and I regularly bake goodies for the boys' lunches! I am still noticing the difference even now - the Brown Sugar stinks out the whole baking aisle! Anyway, I decided I would bite the bullet so to speak and buy some of this stinky new Soft Brown Sugar and test it out to see if the smell affected the flavour in anyway - if it did it would mean no more choc chip cookies, pumpkin muffins and a bunch of other treats!
SO, made some Choc Chip Cookies up the night before last annnnnnnnd - all good! Guess we just have to put up with the smell!

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